Weatherking Building sale


Hello, Today 02-18-2016 I want to talk about a sale.


We are having a building sale extravaganza.

 Extravaganza Sale Image


Painted Cabin Sale Image

Call 1-386-277-2851  or Fax 1-386-277-2852 for a list of todays buildings, we would list them here but they are coming to us in pairs of two a day and we don’t really have no way of knowing what they are until they reach our dealership.


One thing is certain you will save big on these deals and you can have your personal storage at a very good discount.


There will be fourteen buildings liquidated at a reduction in price that is  phenominable.




You read that right!  weatherking has a Rent-To-Own Program that allow customers to rent the barns with NO CREDIT CHECK if purchasing is not an option. That’s right – no credit application to fill out and you are not required to keep the barn!


If you are renting space to store your belongings, you can Rent To Own a storage building for your backyard that will be compatible in price and the building will last for years with little or no maintenance.


All that is required is a small, REFUNDABLE security deposit. We made it simple, because storage should be an easy and afforable solution.
All Rent-To-Own customers have the option to:


OWN THE BARN after all contract obligations are met

Pay off early with NO PENALTY FEES

Stop renting at any time, with NO EFFECT ON THEIR CREDIT RATING

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